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We have the solution to all your PCV issues!

          Our Catch Can Systems are custom built with special filters, baffles, and check valves to precise specs to allow for proper crankcase ventillation while putting a stop to common common LS engine PCV issues. At higher engine speeds blow-by gases increase crankcase pressure that can cause oil leakage from sealed engine surfaces leading to many different problems. Approximately 70% of these "blow-by" gases are unburned fuel "HC" that can dilute and contaminate the engine oil, cause corrosion to critical internal parts, and contribute to performance robbing sludge buildup.

          Our closed loop CNC machined billet aluminum Catch Can is intended for use with stock style PCV systems routing back to the intake tract. Oil vapors traveling through the PCV system are caught in the filtration system and transform from vapor to liquid form and become trapped in the can. The line out of the side of the can is then routed back to your intake or throttle body. Itís no secret that early production LS engines that placed the PCV valve inbetween the valve cover and intake manifold have experienced problems with pulling oil into the intake manifold. This has been a been a major issue with the LS motor, a horizontal mounted PCV valve and trapped oil in the valve covers alow excessive oil to be sucked into the LSX engine through the pcv system.

          We have fixed the excessive oil consumption PCV issues that plague the LS motor, allowing for proper crankcase ventilation while putting a stop to common issues faced by owners. Through extensive R&D Testing with NA/NO2/FI applications we stoped the common oil buildup in the intake manifold/throttle body. The excessive oil entering the intake results in poor performance and in worst cases early detonation.

          The vented version of our Catch Can is meant for the moderately to highly modified cars. Forced induction, large displacement or even big power small displacement motors should be interested in this vented Catch Can. Relieve the crank case pressure build up by releasing the pressure to atmosphere. Help decrease oil consumption and keep oil out of your intake. The main reason for a Vented breather can set up is to stop oil /oil residue from entering your turbo/supercharger, air filter, BOV, and most important Intercoolers. In some cases even your mass air flow sensor and throttle body. This is not good because it degrades intercooler effiencey, can throw off your MAF sensor single to your ECM, and even worse oil is a great detonation enhancer.

          Our dual Catch Can setup brings the best of both worlds together for those who demand only the best parts for the job. Not only is your cars crankcase pressure relieved properly but you have the confidence that damaging oil vapors are being filter as well. These cans are a must for any LS performance enthusiast.


The LS6 story

          LS6 style PCV draws the crankcase gasses from the intake valley instead of the valve covers. There's less oil splash in the valley area. The LS6's Valley mounted oil separator uses internal baffling to force the crankcase vapors in a circuitous flow, in the process the oil separates and drains back into the engine. Installing a LS6 valley cover on a LS1 base engine requires changing the valley cover with slight grinding to the engine block and plugging off the tappet cover holes.

          During the development and testing of the LS6/ZO6 corvette GM engineers noticed excessive oil consumption at high rpm and high lateral acceleration driving. Further testing proved oil was being trapped in the valve covers then sucked into the engine through the PCV system. The solution, which took six months to perfect, was new PCV hardware and changing the location of the PCV source from the valve covers to the lifter valley plate. The LS6 valley cover incorporates a large baffled separator chamber that is much more efficient than the older valve cover version. Some early engines incorporate a boss in the lifter valley that will have to be trimmed to fit the LS6 lifter valley cover. This is a slick conversion that is good for any performance engine and will help keep oil out of the induction system. Thatís a good thing because oil is a great detonation enhancer. Taking a page out of the decade-old, LT5 book, LS6 uses a valley-mounted oil separator assembly rather than the rocker-cover units of the LS1. This significantly reduces oil aeration and oil consumption and simplifies the system.

LS1 to LS6 PCV Conversion Instructions


Closed loop:

  • Height - 9" w/ fittings
  • Diameter - 2" round tubing
  • The fittings are 1/4" NPT to 3/8" hose barb
Vented style:
  • Height - 11" w/ filter
  • Diameter - 2" round tubing
  • The fittings are 1/4" NPT to 3/8" hose barb
Dual setup:
  • Height - 9" and 11" w/ fittings and filter
  • Diameter - 2" round tubing
  • The fittings are 1/4" NPT to 3/8" hose barb


PCV Routing Diagrams: CLICK HERE



PCV Closed Loop Catch Can

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Vented Breather Catch Can

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PCV Dual Catch Can System

* System includes GN crankcase anti-boost check valve.

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GN Crankcase Anti-Boost Check
Valve Kit

LSX Solutions price: $39.00